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Wow !! Anz Pays $$ 15 million for new logo !!

Incredible !! Now we know where all our ANZ money  is going tooLogo or to Not logo ( Its 15 Million splash by ANZ )Apparently the banks are making too much money  to be spending so much just on a logo !! Ask any graphic designer  and they will tell you a piece of their mind and how much they really think it could be worth !! Coming back right from a stockmarket bust to boom  this will surely look like a bit of overspend  just like some of the lucky CEO’s of some company's  seem to be rakin in ,inspite of losses.Here is the logo NEW ANZ 15 Million LOGONow lets wait for the 20 mill and 40 mill Comm bank and Westpac logo .. wot say !!

How to get a cheap Bank repossession properties ?

It would appear that repossesions are a good way to get a property under current market value, however how would you find out about them ?
Is this information available to all of us ? Is the purchase any different because it's a repo ie are lenders a bit more wary ?Solutions :If it property is being reposessed the seller (mortgage company) also considers the speed of sale - if they "could" get a higher price with another buyer they will also consider how quickly the sale could go through.
Therefore some latitude is given to agents in what offer is accepted (eg an agent can say that buyer "x" is well known to them and can proceed quickly. Buyer "b" offered 10k more but is an unknown quantity.Bank Repossesion Houses List DatabaseThese days repo's don't really go much cheaper we had one only 3 months ago and it went well over asking price. If you were to ask an agent to give you a call when one is available its very rare they would but some mig…

Low income earners Now get financial support

The funding to provide nation-wide financial support services will include:expanding the availability of no-interest loans to buy essential household items like fridges and washing machines.extending matched-savings schemes to help more people develop and achieve long-term savings goals.These services are expected to benefit over 30,000 low-income Australians.No Interest LoansLow income earners who have been affected by the global financial crisis will be given help to get back on their feet through a $33 million Australian Government investment.These services are all crucial to helping low income households successfully manage their finances and develop financial capability. Today's funding announcement supports community organisations to continue to deliver much needed services at a time when their capacity to raise funds has been affected by the global economic downturn.NO INTEREST LOANSIn partnership with the National Australia Bank, Good Shepherd Youth and Family Service offe…

Bernard Roux entrepreneur's Eurocopter 120B is up for sale after being repossessed by the Commonwealth Bank

If anyone thought the Victorian businessman and founder of the Hyde Hill polo team, Bernard Roux (Image results for Bernard Roux), has been quiet in the skies recently, there could be an explanation.The financial crisis appears to have affected not only MFS founder Michael King but also some of the former opponents of his Elysian Fields horse polo team.The French-surnamed entrepreneur's Eurocopter 120B is up for sale after being repossessed by the Commonwealth Bank earlier in the year.A tender for the helicopter has been called by the auctioneer Grays ''under instructions from a leading bank'', after the Roux-controlled Inchalla Nominees was tipped into administration earlier in the year.Inchalla had a $1.1 million loan taken out over the chopper. Roux's Hyde Hill polo team often competed against King's Elysian Fields team and even Jamie Packer's Ellerston. Roux runs the finance concern Fleetsmart Australia and often copped a few noise complaints over h…