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Bank Mortgage Repo sales

What is Repo sales?

Repo sales is a slang used around the internet and sometimes even  among real estate agents for  houses or assets repossessed by the banks or  other financial institutions.

Most of the time it is Houses repossession or repo done by the bank. These sort of houses that get  taken over by the bank due to default in payHot auctions australiaments  and other financial difficulties borne by the person who took the loan are called repo houses . These houses either go under the hammer at some auction or then  is given to real estate agents to get rid off in the market.

Bank mortgages often go into default  due to various reasons and the bank at this part of time  repossesses the house  and puts it back into the market

If you are examining repossession properties for sale in Australia do so with caution and do so carefully.  There are many bargains to be bagged, but ensure that you are buying through a reputable auction house and that if you are unsure of anything at any step of the way, seek professional advice.

Repossession is  sad fact of life  , but many a time it can be avoided by planning your finances soundly  and doing the sums before you get into a big financial commitment

The property market in Australia has almost mirrored the one in the UK in terms of its fortunes which have flowed and which are now ebbing away for some people.  As a result, just like in the UK, Australia is witnessing a massive rise in the number of homes being repossessed at the moment.


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Seized Car Auctions have been headlining in the news quite a lot lately. Headlines such as ”Millionaires Fire Sale” are becoming quite common. The global economic downturn has seen the amount of vehicle repossessions rise dramatically.

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Australia bank reposessions

India repo rate - India (from barcap):
RBI leaves all policy rates unchanged. We maintain our view that the RBI could start withdrawing excess liquidity through reverse repo rate hike of 25 bps in Q4 09, while we see CRR and Repo rate hikes of around 50-100 bps in Q1 10.


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