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Dubai repossessed Houses !!

It seems like everyone’s singing the same tune when it comes to the real estate market today. In the news and on the street, realtors are saying that it’s a buyers market, especially when it comes to foreclosures.

Dubai world  nakheel projects world islands


Beautiful garden villa on the world-known Palm,Dubai project in Jebel Ali. Maximise the return on a residential masterpiece and enjoy a sunset second-to-none!


Address of Property:
Dubai, U.A.E



Reception Rooms:


Type of Property:

us$ 970.00 [CONVERT]



Email Seller:

Contact person:
rent homeManisha Assanand

Advertiser Type :
used car

used car00971-50-5833661

Sellers City, County :
Dubai Dubai --

rent homeDUBAI



Dubai is one of the most popular destinations for people in India and all over the world. It not only provides employment opportunities with lucrative salaries but is also considered as land of gold. There are many reasons for the attraction of people towards Dubai, like comfortable and luxurious lifestyle, zero percent crime rate and above all tax free and handsome salaries that it offers.

Because of Booming Dubai property market and plenty of investment opportunities available in the city ,people going to Dubai for work prefer buying a home there instead of shelling most of their salary as rent.Goverment of Dubai have made certain laws on buying and selling commercial or residential property for foreign buyers Any buyer, whether resident of Dubai or foreign investor, can purchase free hold property in Dubai i.e. he can get the ownership of the property declared on his name and can sell the property according to his wish.

Also, according to Dubai government, a special category of residency visa will be granted to the person buying foreigner’s property.

Everywhere you go in Madrid, For Sale signs on half built apartment blocks dominate the Spanish capital. No surprise: The global recession has hit the country’s once booming real estate market harder than most. Property prices from Barcelona to the Balearic Islands fell 6.5% in the first quarter of 2009 alone. They are expected to drop 35% or more from their 2007 peak by the end of this year.


  1. An organization that ships individuals to the islands is currently trying to pull back from its agreement with Nakheel, engineers of The World, because of an absence of business and the disintegration of the islands' sands. Richard Wilmot-Smith QC, a British attorney for Penguin Marine, told a property tribunal the islands are 'step by step falling once more into the ocean'. He included there was confirmation of the 'disintegration and crumbling of The World islands'. Stand out of the "countries" – Greenland is possessed as of now, with Dubai's ruler owning a show home on the island home loan dubai

  2. It appears as though everybody's singing the same tune with regards to the land showcase today. In the news and in the city, real estate agents are stating that it's a purchasers market, particularly with regards to dispossession. home loan dubai


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